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Echange KOSZALIN 2024

Par CELINE NAVARON, publié le samedi 4 mai 2024 22:20 - Mis à jour le samedi 4 mai 2024 22:22
Le 7 avril 2024, 24 élèves de Terminale (section Européenne, DNL Histoire-géographie) se sont envolés pour Koszalin (Pologne) afin de retrouver leurs correspondants, accueillis en mai 2023, et travailler sur l'identité européenne

Sunday 7th April

This amazing journey started at 8:30 am when we all met at the airport of Lyon for our first flight to Frankfurt. We then took a second flight to Berlin, a four hour long bus ride to Koszalin and finally arrived at 9pm. We were all very happy to finally arrive since the trip was long and tiring but also because we were excited to see our Polish penpals.

During the week we visited a lot of museums about the Second World War because the subject of our exchange was ‘European identity’ and how the War made us feel european, but we still managed to have fun and make lasting memories with our Polish friends.

Monday 8th

Everyone gathered at the ‘Liceum Dubois’ (our Polish school partner school) to learn more about each other, play a trivial pursuit (made by both the Polish and the French) and do a presentation about how the Second World War was lived in both countries.

Later in the day, most of us met at the beach in Mielno to play volleyball and watch the sunset. 

Tuesday 9th

The French group and a couple of Polish students went to Gdansk by train to visit a museum about the Second World War, which was very interesting. We then had a guided tour of the city, which was beautiful. Before leaving Gdansk we had time to ourselves to buy presents for our families but also to enjoy the city on our own.

Wednesday 10th

We visited a museum in Koszalin where a former general in the Polish army guided us. We even went inside the plane of the former Polish president!

On the same day we attended a P.E. class where we did a traditional Polish dance to warm up, which was fun. We then played different games in teams, which brought us together.

Thursday 11th

We took a train to Kolobrzeg to visit another museum about the war and then walked to the beach even though the weather wasn’t ideal and the water of the Baltic sea very cold!

Friday 12th

On our last day in Poland we received our certificates of the exchange at the Polish school and then one of the polish penpal held a party so we could have one final moment of fun together.

Saturday 13th

The bus for Berlin arrived at 7:30 am in Koszalin. We all said goodbye to our penpals. There was a lot of tears and hugs because it marked the end of an unforgettable trip. We finally arrived at the airport of Lyon at 6:30 pm, all very tired.


This trip made us closer as a class, everyone got to know each other better whether it was Polish or French students.

We say a huge thank you to our teachers: Miss Navaron and Mister Dupit but also to the families that hosted us for a week.

By Maëlis LOBRY (TGen1)


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